About Me

Hi, thank you for dropping by. I’m Meria S. Alexis, a passionate Digital Media and Marketing Specialist. Throughout my journey in digital marketing, I’ve obtained a number of certifications including Google Search, Google Analytics, and Inbound Marketing.

What I love the most about digital marketing is that it provides the avenue to amplify the client’s brand message using organic and paid strategies. Inbound and outbound marketing strategies allow me to help brands rank high in search engines using search engine optimization (SEO) and website optimization. This field provides the opportunity to boost brand affinity and to conduct market research to satisfy business objectives such as lead generation, brand building, and customer acquisition. By creating great content, I can effectively utilize a number of internet marketing strategies such as social media, search engine, mobile, and email marketing to reach the target market. With the use of Google Analytics and social media monitoring tools, I provide clients with measurable results and make data-driven recommendations and adjustments.

When I’m not indulged in the field of marketing, you can find me enjoying nature and taking great photos.