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How Businesses Can Capitalize on Snapchat Marketing

Snapchat is currently one of the fastest growing social media channels right now. According to, Snapchat’s US base will jump by 27.2% to 58.6 million users in 2016. This means that more and more consumers are using Snapchat. As a result, businesses should take full advantage of this fast-growing, social media channel to advertise their products and services. With Snapchat, businesses can provide followers with constant stories and updates that will continuously excite the followers.

How Businesses Can Capitalize on Snapchat Stories to Increase Brand Awareness to Stand Out

Provide Unique Content
Due to Snapchat’s uniqueness, Snapchat can be used to strengthen customers’ affinity for your product when you publish content that shows various sides of your brand. Since Snapchat can show real life events, it gives your audience direct access to live events held by your company. Access to your events gets customers excited because of your ability to show different aspects of the event. Just the excitement of the customers feeling like they are at the live event has the potential to create loyal customers.

Get Fans Involved
You can ask followers to post pictures of their purchase or take a selfie with the product. To be more creative, you can ask your followers to add a caption to the picture as well. This will constantly keep your followers engaged. In addition, always respond to any comment that is posted. This could be in a form of a photo or other. Doing this can create customer engagement and loyalty.

Have Giveaways
Everyone loves free gifts especially when it is something that they have been wanting for a while or something new that was introduced to the market. Offer your customers discounts, coupons, promo codes and also exclusives to events if possible. Get your followers excited about the offers or the introduction of new products. In order to make the giveaways a little more interesting, you can post snapshots of little clues. This will build up eagerness and excitement. This technique can also create customer loyalty and increase sales.

Unlike the other social media channels, the content shared on Snapchat is only available for 24 hours. As a result, businesses have to ensure that they make the best use of it.

What do you think? Do you think companies should make use of Snapchat as much as they do with Facebook?

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