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How Businesses Can Benefit from Instagram Stories

Instagram introduced its new algorithm, “Instagram Stories”, in an effort to increase engagement and increase sharing. This new feature allows you to share all the exciting moments with everyone on your profile in a slideshow format. You can be as creative as you want, and add as many videos and photos as you would like. However, the content will disappear after 24 hours. This means that it will no longer appear on your profile grid.

How to benefit from Instagram Stories
Like other media channels, companies can benefit tremendously from Instagram Stories if it’s implemented properly. In order to benefit from Instagram Stories, always post content that will immediately get full engagement— videos that are inviting and will capture attention. Post videos that are designed only for Instagram and not for other social media channels. Doing so will allow your followers to constantly view your other social media channels for different types of information.

Avoid irrelevant external links
When posting videos, ensure that you do not post links that will send your followers outside of Instagram. The main point of posting is to keep customers on your page and not lead them to other websites especially if the website does not relate to your content.

Utilize Hashtags
There are a number of tools that businesses can use to help boost their videos and create engagement including hashtags. Utilizing hashtags can help you expand your reach. #Hashtags makes your content visible to users who are in search of or interested in your offering. Also, hashtags can help you keep an eye on your competitors.

Encourage tagging
Businesses can also influence their followers to ‘tag a friend’. This allows the posts to be more visible to others. Many businesses agreed that they gained a lot more followers when they encourage their current followers to ‘tag a friend’.

Instagram’s Algorithm is constantly changing and as such businesses should always make use of all updates in an effort to increase their visibility and expand their brand.

Do you think that all businesses should engage in Instagram Stories or continue on with Snapchat stories?

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