Chickasha Oklahoma Light Festival

This Christmas season, I’ve found myself visiting a number of gardens with Christmas lights. Although I’ve been to a few in the past, this year I decided to go a little further to see a few more. I must say, I’ve so far enjoyed it a lot more than I anticipated.

This weekend I visited the Chickasha Light Festival. Traffic leading to this location was unbelievable. This only made me a bit more anxious as to what’s waiting ahead. Upon arrival, I was stunned. The venue was massive with what looks like thousands of lights everywhere. I also saw one of the tallest Christmas trees I have ever seen so far.

There were even a few camels in the garden. Children as well as adults were allowed to get short rides around on these camels. There was also a horse and a carriage which created much excitement for the younger ones.

The Chickasha Light Festival has so far been top on my list this season. I’m pretty sure I will be visiting there again pretty soon.

If you are ever in the Oklahoma area and is interested in attending a Light Show make sure to visit the one in Chickasha.

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